Thanks to the efforts of Patty Robertson, the DSRCT community has a new and valuable resource available.

Here's a recent note from Patty:


I am in the very early stages of setting up a Wiki for the DSRCT group and anyone who would like to participate. If you do not know what a Wiki is an excellent example of collaborative effort can be found at Wikipedia ( ). The beauty of a Wiki is that ANYONE can edit, add, delete, share, and create information instantly.

Here is the address......

I started with the information found on the DSRCT site.

If anyone wishes to add or delete information please go right ahead. A Wiki is intended to be a Community effort:

Quick tutorial for those interested in contributing:

1. Follow above link to Wikia

2. Anyone can edit the information, at any time but it might be easier to create an account (go to upper right hand corner and create account for yourself -although you do not need to in order to edit) 3.

Read article, or scroll to bottom and find Category: DSRCT which will take you to the index for DSRCT. There is not really much there yet!!

4. If you want to EDIT the information or CREATE a new PAGE, you can go right ahead.

5. If you create a separate DSRCT page, please just make sure you add [[Category:DSRCT]] somewhere on the EDIT page.

6. That's it.