Anthony Spithakis (Edmonton, Canada)

DSRCT Diagnosed 2001

From Anthony's Web Page:

He was diagnosed with DSRCT in 2001. He was on Vincristine, Cyclophosphomide, Doxorubicin, Etoposide, Ifosfomide, and Mesna. He went through the chemo without any major problems. We were anticipating no problems during the stem cell harvest, but our luck ran out. Anthony had a pulmonary embolism during the harvest. We both handled the crisis quite well. Not sure what had happened, we did not find out until he had a CT scan later that night about the gravity of what happened. Now Coumadin was added to the list of meds he was on. He then had to have one of his testicles removed for fear of further spreading of the cancer. He went through 25 sessions of radiation on his pelvic region and a stem cell transplant. Many CT scans as well as PET scans and he has been clean for over 2 years.
       desmoplastic small round cell tumor