Brian Bishnow (Waco, Texas)

DSRCT Diagnosed 10/00 at age 25 - Passed Away 2/1/04

    Brian was a patient at M.D. Anderson in Houston. (Dr. Benjamin, Dr. Feig - surgeon)   Brian stayed very active throughout his illness and was still racing his car in national events in September 2003.

    Brian's nine rounds of chemo were a version of the P-6 protocol.  He took vincristine, ifosfamide, adriamycin, etoposide, and cytoxan.  He harvested stem cells before treatments.  He later took chemo of Gemzar and then Irinotecan.

    In June 2002, Brian had IPHC surgery to remove most of his tumors.  The surgery was followed with a stomach bath of heated chemotherapy agents used to fill his stomach area. The open stomach area was then massaged in hopes of killing most of the cancer cells. Brian said that this was "pure hell" and that he would not do it again.



From :

 Iowa Racing News
Tuesday, February 3, 2004
Friend and racer, Brian Bishnow passed away on Feb. 1st

by Kyle Bloodworth


The loss of a friend and racer...

For a reason that maybe only God understands, Brian passed away this morning. That is the last time I say anything about him being gone. Brian leaves behind a wonderful wife and a vibrant young future racer. This past year was a special one for Brian. He was able to go to Boone(Super Nationals) and qualify his first night out. I am sure, he and his family, as well as all of the rest of us were proud. Brian’s racing career is well chronicled among all those he has ever raced against. Brian always was tough competition.

This same mentality carried over into a long lengthy battle against a very rare cancer. Brian fought harder than anyone would believe, even those that were watching, watched with amazement on how he continued on through last season. Although we watched physical changes, the toughness that we all knew was still there. We could watch through his soft eyes at how determined he was last year.

Although I knew Brian for the last 10 years, I felt as if I only was scratching the true surface of what Brian was all about. He was a man of many faces.

The first face that comes to mind is a husband, father, son, brother and anything else that goes along with being a family man. This is what Brian held closest to his heart. And for that, all men should admire his commitment.

Second face would be one of a fierce competitor. Brian has always had a knack for being there when it counted, at the end. Just as he is now, he is here. He will help carry all of his loved ones through some very tough times ahead.

His third face that comes to mind is one that most of us will always remember. Brian always had to be giving someone a hard time. Just when he would get at you a little bit, he was quick to let you know that he would only pick at you if he cared about you. This is a special man.

Brian will be missed at the track as well as all the other places he chose to be. Brian has touched many lives over the span of his, another reason to know he was a very special human.

To the Family and Friends of Brian: I speak on behalf of Speedy's Racing. Roy, Sid, the Ewing’s, Rick and myself all wish you a time of healing that has a pace of God's Speed. We are sorry beyond measure and will miss our friend for the time we all have left here.

This comes from the heart and mine is heavy for now.

Brian, I am glad you have gone to were you have the perfect body, mind and spirit.

       desmoplastic small round cell tumor