Craig Jenkins (Utah)

DSRCT Diagnosed 06/03 at age 41 - Passed Away: 10/17/06


Clinical Summary

June 2003: diagnosed with DSRCT. The abdominal tumors were found to be cytokeratin AE1-3, desmin, vimentin positive, as well as CD99 positive.

July 2003: started the P6 protocol, undergoing 6 cycles alternating cyclophosphamide, vincristine, and doxorubicin with etoposide and ifosfamide.

August 2003: A diverting transverse colostomy was performed due to tumor mass compression of the rectosigmoid junction about 15 cm from the anus.

Nov 2003: Terminated P6 protocol. The p6 protocol had resulted in moderate tumor response.

Dec 2003: Operation could not completely extirpate tumors due to involvement of the porta hepatis, mesenteric vessels, and anal sphincter.

Jan 2004: began chemotherapy with irinotecan and temozolomide.

July 2004: switched chemotherapy to cyclophosphamide and topotecan after tumor began growing again. Began taking 250mg Aranesp twice monthly.

Dec 2004: stopped chemotherapy and began radiation on a new tumor pressing against the L3 vertebrae.

March 2005: started gemcytobene and ? chemotherapy.

May 2005: stopped ? chemo due to nausea.

May 2005: surgery following abdominal obstruction of the lower bowel caused by scar tissue.

June 2005: reduced gemcytobene to twice monthly due to low red cell, white cell and platelet counts.

September 2005: stopped gemcytobene due to tumor growth.
     desmoplastic small round cell tumor