Greg Orgel (Toledo, Ohio)

DSRCT Diagnosed 12/01 at age 13


 12/01 -5/02  Chemo using P6 Protocol :  Courses 1,2,3 & 6 with HD-VAC       Courses 4 & 5 with Topotecan and Cytoxan
 3/02 & 4/02  Debulking surgeries by Dr. LaQuaglia at MSKCC.  Achieved 100% tumor removal.  Greg required two because of the extent of his tumor masses.  Considered tumor free since then.
 7/02  Stem Cell Transplant - Un. of Michigan, Ann Arbor.  Pre-transplant drugs - Thiotepa and Carboplatin
 9/02 - 10/02  Total Abdominal Radiation.  Treatment was supposed to end here but he tolerated the regimen very well and was allowed to take more chemo.
 1/03 - 5/03  Chemo: 5 courses of oral VP-16 (Etoposide).  This ended all active treatment.
 6/03 - present   25 mg of Vioxx nightly
 12/04  CT scan - No tumors                  PET scan
 4/05  CT Scan - still clear!
 09/05  CT Scan - still clear!

Greg 12/03



    Greg is taking 25 mg of Vioxx each night.  Vioxx is a COX-2 inhibitor that may help in reducing tumors.  Per Greg's mother, Beth Orgel:  "We (his parents) as medical professionals, are doing this on our own, based on our own research.  We do, however, have the blessings of Dr. Kushner and Dr. Stein."


    Beth Orgel remains in contact with many DSRCT patients and their family members.


     desmoplastic small round cell tumor