Jasmine Shield (Texas)

DSRCT Diagnosed 2/14/03 at age 7 - Passed Away 10/11/04.


 02/14/03  Diagnosed
   Surgery to remove excess fluids around tumors and insert port.
   Chemo rounds #1 - 3 and #6       
 Day 1-2.......Cyclophosphamide 70 mg for 6 hours each day
                     Mesna same as above
 Day 1-3.......Doxorubicin 25 mg 72 hours
                     Vincristine 0.67 mg 72 hours
   Surgery to remove visible tumors and peritoneal implants was successful.  Dr. Michael LaQuaglia of MSKCC.
   Chemo rounds #4 & 5      
 Day 1..........Vincristine 2 mg only
 Day 1-2.......Cyclophosphamide 70 mg for 48 hours
 Day 1-3.......Mesna same as above--and also 24 hrs. after Cyclophosphamide is finished.
 Day 1-4.......Topotecan 2 mg for 30 minutes each day.
    Radiotherapy performed around entire abdomen and pelvis area. Did not last the full 6 weeks as planned, due to low blood counts.  She received 3000 cGy in general area and 4500 cGy in her high risk area.
   High-dose (myeloablative) chemotherapy:   Thiotepa, Topotecan & Carboplatin over 5 days.
 09/12/04  Jasmine will receive CT scans and tests every 2-3 months
 10/11/04  Jasmine passed away



    Jasmine's primary hematology doctor is Dr. Kristine Wilkerson of Cooks Children Specialty Clinic in Fort Worth, Texas.  Dr. Brian Kushner of MSKCC (N.Y.) was consulted and wrote her protocol.

    She did not have a stem cell transplant.



Jasmine with her little sister and pets.





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