Jeff Adomanis  (New Jersey)

DSRCT Diagnosed 9/99 at age 16 - Passed Away 10/27/01


    Jeff went through the P6 protocol, a modified stem cell transplant, and radiation with Dr. Kushner. He also had a brief course of a vaccine.

        The only alternative medicine that Jeff tried was Maitake Mushroom D-Fraction Extract.  He drank this from 12/00 through 6/01.  Jeff's mother, Liz, feels that the mushroom extract helped keep the disease at bay for a while.

    In 7/01 after the tumor spread to his liver, Jeff was put on Gleevec which seemed to work very well and helped him feel better.  He started Gleevec very late in his treatment process and his health deteriorated in September 2001. 



     desmoplastic small round cell tumor