Jerry Abram (Bloomington, Ind.)

DSRCT Diagnosed 9/97 at age 30 - Passed Away 6/14/99


     Jerry was on Adriamycin, Cisplatin, VP-16 (Etoposide), Ifosfamide & Vincristine.  The chemo helped for about six months.  He also did immunotherapy (Interferon & Interleukin) for a short time.

     Jerry received vitamins, minerals, and herbs through an IV at Decatur Medical Center in Indianapolis, Indiana.  His wife, Lori, said that this really made him fell better and have more energy throughout his chemo.

     They also traveled to Tijuana, Mexico so Jerry could have some alternative treatments.  Cell Specific Cancer Therapy (CSCT).  (This clinic was shut down by the government in 2003)




     desmoplastic small round cell tumor