Kristen Luder (Kansas City, MO)

DSRCT Diagnosed 5/11/00 at age 9

May 2000: Removed a large mass from her abdomen and as much of her peritoneum as they could. 

Here is the chemo she received:

In September 2000, they did an exploratory surgery to look for any visible tumors.  They found two tumors the size of pencil erasers and removed them. 

Sometime between two of the chemo rounds, she gave up stem cells and also had bone marrow drawn from each hip. 

On December 2, 2000, Kristen began eight days of strong chemo.   On day 9, she received her own stem-cells back -- stem-cell rescue.  On December 24, 2000, she was able to return home. 

In February 2001, she began radiation which spanned over two months.

In June 2001, she experienced shingles that went into her lungs, causing a bad case of pneumonia.  Returned home after eight days in the hospital. 

In August 2001, we began our trips to New York City to Memorial Sloan Kettering to receive the A1G4 vaccine from Dr. Cheung and Dr. Kershner.  Over the next 12 months, we made 10 trips to NYC. 

Other stumbling blocks along the way included being addicted to IV pain killers twice and a couple serious infections from a fly bite (when her counts were down). 

As of August 2005, she was still clear of the disease and life was great!  She turned 15 and started the 9th grade! 

Kristen Luder will be turning 18 in July.  She was diagnosed with DSRCT when she was nine.  After the initial chemo treatments in 2000, radiation treatment in early 2001 and her 10 trips to NYC for the A1G4 vaccine, she remains cancer free. 

She suffers from a list of treatment related issues:

Kristen will be a senior in high school and will graduate as part of the class of 2009 – right on schedule.  She is an honor roll student, enrolled in advanced classes, who was selected to participate in the school mentoring program.  She works part-time at Hallmark and is training this summer to become a supervisor.  At the same time, she has been accepted into the Emporia State Teachers Academy where she will attend a four day seminar in June.  During her senior year, she will leave school at noon to be a teacher’s aide and assist with student teaching.  After graduation, she plans on attending Emporia State University and later attending the University of Kansas with the hopes of obtaining a Master’s Degree in education. 

Kristen still has her yearly visits with her oncologist and has CT scans every six months, so they can watch the liver tumors.  She is currently on no medication since they took her off all hormones and will continue to visit all her specialists for her many on-going issues. 

Kristen is a very happy young woman who has overcome the nearly impossible.  She has beat all the odds and we’re blessed every day to have her in our lives.  She has a strong faith that I believe has helped her get to where she is today.   What a strong young lady with a busy, successful life ahead of her! 

     desmoplastic small round cell tumor