Marlena Hodges (Lynchburg, Virginia)

DSRCT Diagnosed 1/05 at age 24 - Passed Away 7/28/07



 01/05  Diagnosed.       CA-125 marker was 1030.  (normal is 30) 
 02/08/05  11 hour debulking surgery with a 90 minute heated chemo abdomen bath. (IPHC Surgery)     Dr. Paul Sugarbaker in Washington, D.C.       5 1/2 weeks in the hospital to recover.  
 02/12/05  Chemo: Carboplatinum and Gemzar
 03/05  Clear CT scan.   CA-125 marker was 100.
 03/05  Chemo: Once a week for three weeks with a week off.        Daily Gleevec pills.
 06/05  CT scan revealed "shading" in the abdomen and enlarged lymph nodes in the neck (measured 3.5cm)
 06/05  #1 Ifosfamide and Etoposide (given over 4 days) - #2 Vincristine, Doxorubicin, and Mesna (given in 1 day)
 07/05  Lymph node in neck measures 1.6cm
 09/05  CT scan revealed significant shrinkage - no more fluid around the lungs
 01/06  CT scan clear except for 3cm cyst on bladder
 01/06 - 04/06  Continued w/ current chemo regimen
 05/06  Began preconditioning for an allogenic bone marrow transplant. Brother was donor. Received a reduced intensity regimen of fludarabine(5 days) and one day of Melphalan. May 9 was the transplant. Husband was granulocyte donor and recieved his granulocytes twice a week until WBC returned.
 06/06  End of June - PET/CT - all clear
 07/06  Began abdominal radiation and radiation on neck (lymphnodes) Received 20 abdominal treatments-there were 18 separate fields and each session lasted about 1 hour. The neck radiation was 30 sessions with only one field.
 08/08/06  PET/CT - all clear

     desmoplastic small round cell tumor