Michael Kiyici (Germany)

DSRCT Diagnosed 6/05 at age 11 - Passed Away 01/06/08



 06/17/05  Diagnosed with DSRCT
 06/29/05  Chemotherapy: Vincristine, Dactiamycin, Ifosfamide
 Chemo: Ifosfamid, Actinomycin and Vincristin (No shrinkage)
 Chemo: Carboplatin Epirubicin Vincristin (good shrinkage)
 Chemo: Round with Ifosfamid, Etoposid and Vincristin
09/05  Surgery: Tübingen. Hospital, Surgeon: Prof. Dr. Fuchs
10/14/05  Scans all clear
01/06 Finished high-dose chemo - began low-dose chemo
10/06 Scans all-clear






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