Oleander: Anvirzel / Xenavex

 Anvirzel or Xenavex

"Anvirzel is a patented extract from the Nerium Oleander, a common house plant.  [The plant is very toxic, however] the extract (Anvirzel) has been the twenty year study of a Dr Ozel from Turkey...  Reports that slipped out in late 1999 showed that Anvirzel reversed AIDS, no matter what the phase of the disease, arthritis, psoriasis, hepatitis C, and even diabetes in some cases. Initially, Anvirzel was thought to work only on cancers found early, however, very positive results have been found in people given just weeks to live. To top this all off, Anvirzel seems to be the first cancer remedy to show positive results for leiomyosarcoma, probably the deadliest of cancers. Anvirzel also crosses the blood-brain barrier (like Poly-MVA) and gives hope to people with brain tumors."

  Another drug from the oleander plant is called Xenavex (SAOB-0401) and is much more potent than Anvirzel.  Anvirzel is made by Ozelle Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and Xenavex is made by ShimodaAtlantic Oncology Biosciences.  I quote from an email to me from ShimodaAtlantic: "Drugs like Anvirzel and Xenavex should never be considered as "first line" options. The clinical experience of these drugs in cancer cases is virtually nil. Oleandrin is a potent cardioglycoside, similar in its mechanism of action to digoxin. This means that the drug has a great potential for harm, in addition to a potential for healing. A patient should consider such a drug only with the understanding that it is investigational; may result in no benefit; could cause a cardio-related adverse event, and that there may always be a better therapy option with experimental drugs that have a more robust clinical trial history."

  To contact ShimodaAtlantic to see if you qualify for their Phase I / II study of SAOB-0401, in early 2005, in a non-small cell lung cancer, multicenter trial, and in a Phase I / II study in a small group of HIV/AIDS patients, their URL is:  www.shimoda-atlantic.com

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