Rapamycin (Sirolimus)


    A study released in March 2005 says that Rapamycin might be successful in battling DSRCT.  In May 2005, clinical trials should begin using this drug in pill form.



Rapamycin study on DSRCT  (Oncogene 2005)     Link

Rapamycin study on DSRCT  (PubMed)     Link

Phase II Rapamycin (AP23573) study on sarcomas     Link   (Study is closed for now. Will reopen soon with an oral dose)

Rapamycin and Ewing's Sarcoma (Oncogene 2003)   Link

Rapamycin and PNET (Cancer Research 2/15/01)     Link

Rapamycin study on Kaposi's Sarcoma  (NEJOM)     Link   

Rapamycin and Gemcitabine  study on Leiomyosarcoma  (IJOMM 7/30/04)    Link




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