Thomas Falkenstein (Germany)

DSRCT Diagnosed 6/99 at age 31


Here's a letter from Thomas (8/24/05):

I was diagnosed in June 1999 (without having any health problems at all!) and I had already two large tumors in the abdomen (13 cm in left mesocolon and 8 cm between bladder and rectum) and my lymph nodes were already infected. I guess the main thing for me was that I underwent immediately a very radical surgery at Diakonie Hospital in Mannheim (Germany). As my wife is a medical doctor one of her professors and nowadays a close friend of mine, Dr. Bernhard Rumstadt, performed the surgery. He is the head of surgery at this Hospital. Afterwards I was treated with a high-dose chemotherapy in combination with stem-cell transplantation at University Hospital in Freiburg. My doctor there was Prof. Dr. Roland Mertelmann, who is the head of oncology.

The exact treatment there was:

a) 2 cycles VIP-E

b) CCT High-dose chemotherapy with

- Cyclophosphamid 1500 mg/m2

- Carboplatin 200 mg/m2

- Thiotepa 125 mg/m2

c) Stem cell transplantation with expanded stem cells (4 x 10*6 WBC)

Since then I had no further treatment. I'm still in "complete remission" and feeling perfectly well.... Once a year I travel back to Freiburg to have a scan done, so far everything is clear.

If you want to you can contact my doctors here are their addresses:

PD Dr. Bernhard Rumstadt, Diakonie Hospital Mannheim, Medical Director Surgery

Phone: +49-0621-8102-215, eMail:, Web:


Prof. Dr. Roland Mertelsmann, Medical Director, Division of Haematology and Medical Oncology Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg

Phone: +49-761-270-3405, eMail:, Web:


     desmoplastic small round cell tumor